Somewhere I am missing my frndz…!!

Hey Frndz,
Last month I purchased a new bicycle, nowadays I transit to office by the new cycle. 
Office – home = 11kms (one side), average time to reach the destination is 40mins if in the motorcycle is 25mins.
Today is the successful completion of 2weeks i.e., covered (22*10 = 220kms)
After reaching chennai, I could not continue volunteering for any of the ISHA yoga programs. 
As I could not resist my contribution to ISHA, I thought to divert my interest to ISHA’s PGH (Project Green Hands), I collect few saplings from ISHA nursery and started to plant near to my home. 
I don’t want to do as mass and sudden give up, so wot I am doing is planting 2 saplings per month which costs me little 
Sapling                                          = Rs   7/-
Fence                                           =  Rs 95/-
Banner                                          = free (office color print)
Polythene cover to protect from rain = free (some contribution from my pocket)
Total cost for one sapling                =   102/-
So far I planted 6 saplings (for 3months), the most important thing I like to share with you is I got immense support from the people. Daily watering to the plant are taken care by neighbors itself. Sometimes I think that I miss the sharing this info with you. I should take the snaps and upload in the blog, so that you guys could know that how it progresses.
ok, in this email composing, I don’t want to miss another news.
I arranged the house warming ceremony on June 4th 2012. The house wasn’t yet ready to occupy so you might ask then why hurry bury for the ceremony. The reason is my parentz suggested not to miss the auspicious day, so let the ceremony go ahead smoothly first then we think about occupation later.
Balaji, R. 

First blog

When I was surfing the FB, I clicked my ex-colleague’s profile and eager to see the group foto of my tech team. Peter Groves, shared his blog link, that makes me to think, why don’t I start to write my own blog. Thanks to the sparkling, I should develop the habit of blogging and share the photos, videos also my experience.

Hello world!

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